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Qinti Anima (Juan Cortés) was born in Copiapó Valley in the Atacama desert, the north of Chile. He attended university at Valparaíso studying cinema and making a couple of first successful short Films: “Elena” (2008) & “Paula” (2009). They showed a remarkable sense of social responsibility and a unique narrative ability. In 2010 he filmed a guerrilla feature film called “Valparadaise” and after that he travelled for a year around New Zealand appreciating the culture, film industry and he managed to work in the editing of his first film with the support of the film school of Victoria University. He and his team experienced a great public victory with “Valparadaise” in 2012, screening in the historical Cine Arte of Viña del Mar. For the first time in their life they received an ovation and a great appreciation from their community. It is a unique slacker comedy portrait of young actors/filmmakers living in the cultural port of Valparaiso, this creation inspire a new generation of emerging young artist in Chile. The film was also awarded in SANFIC the most important Chilean film festival. He traveled in Australia participating in a tour with the musicians Oscar Jimenez & Manu Chao.

In 2014 he published his first book “To Accept The Vision of Our Cinema” granted by the Chilean National Art Council. In 2016 he started developing his first episodic series “Taller de Video” a comedy about a group of adolescents that attend a video workshop that a bohemian actress is force to give as a community service. This series has been granted by the Chilean National TV Council and it is the biggest regional project founded by this entity and the first episodic series filmed in Valparaíso, Chile.

Same as many poets and chilean artist, Juan finds his inspiration in traveling and returning to the vibran port of Valparaíso. Diversity, social responsibility, consciousness, veganism and the science of well being are his majors motivation behind his work same as sharing the cultural richness that South America has to offer to the world.

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Life feels better when we focus on the destination. My advice for Manifestation 1) Focus on the destination. Not in what you need, focus on what you want. I want to feel this way, I want to go to this country, city. I want this partner, job, feel this love in my life. Its great to want happiness in life, the excitement is your spirit calling you. 2) Feel it already, fake it till you make it or believe before having evidence. A belief is a seed, it needs care and nutrients. Love yourself the same way you will love yourself if that is happening. Love yourself unconditionally. Feel good no matter what happen keep vibrating high, any challenge is an illusion of yourself to test your confidence. Keep believing. 3) If you cannot feel good, focus in something else, anything that make you feel good, anything that helps you to give love to yourself which is your natural state. Feeling good and happy doesn't harm anybody, actually it makes you more powerful to help and solve problems. 4) If it pleases you, start preparing yourself for the change. Learn the new language, go try some clothes, check the flight, learn about the place, look to people that already have what you want, go into the mood. Use your imagination, accomplish the feeling of having it already so you will act like that new person will do. Talk to you new partner, write a poem, you will meet that person right? he or she is somewhere there on this planet, you are already connected, exercise your imagination. 5) Emotion is the key. What is driving you there is the emotion. You are becoming a new person. Elvis Presley didn't need any evidence to become Elvis, he felt like a king all along the way. The feeling of abundance and well-being is your guidance. Trust yourself, trust your feeling more than anything in this world. If it feels good, thats the right path, if it feels not nice, thats the alarm, get back to comfort, nature usually helps. 6) Master your natural breathing. Be aware of your breath, are you breathing naturally or fear is driving you? breath deep, let it go naturally. Let your spirit take control, surrender any need of control base on fear and embrace trust. #Beleza #puravida

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