My conscious death and resurrection.

I had a life changing experience, hyper consciousness awareness. out of body spirit journey and rebirth after drinking San Pedro Cactus from Atacama Chile.

This is a very private story that I just told to my close friends, but today I feel the need of connecting with like-minded people.

10 years ago, I had the call from my soul telling me that life was way more than physical reality, more that what we can experience with our limited 5 senses and I wanted to know and experience that. When I finish university I took the time to study it and learn that we are a spirit, we are all connected. I read fascinating scientific people that came to the same conclusions and download information from high conscious sources, everything resonated with my soul. Then I needed a proof.

Different people from my country told me about San Pedro, a cactus that is in 1 of every 5 houses in Atacama where I was born. By the way, I just came to know the the origin of the word Atacama is Pacha Cama, that means energy from earth (that’s bcs there are lots of earthquakes). When the first Spanish conquerors came centuries ago, they try this drink that Shamans used to take in ceremonies and use it as a medicine. They called it San Pedro (Saint Peter) because it’s the saint that opens the doors to heaven.

7 years ago I decided to drink San Pedro. Not a real fun of psychedelics, the only thing I tried before that was MJ but very, very casual. I studied it for while, make a plan, called my close friends and we drank it in a sacred but still informal way at the beach. I took two glasses because I knew that I will no do it again and I wanted to make sure I will get 100%. I didn’t consider that I’m a very sensitive person.

It was a billion times more that I could have ever imagined. I was excited before imagining that I could experience telepathy as a friend did but it was way, but way more indescribable powerful. I was so conscious as I am now but experiencing an incredible awareness of absolutely everything. A friend of mine was talking to me and I was looking at him trying to explain that I knew every probability of the things he could ever communicate. I could see and understand absolutely everything, see time and space in the most amazing way, look at anything and super understand the most minimum particle of it. My life was like a puzzle that from this perspective every single action and people involved was perfectly placed, everything was part of the most sophisticated video game ever created. I started a dialog with myself:

– I can understand everything, OMG finally.

– But what’s the point?

I will never be able to remember all this. I will never be able to explain this, it’s impossible to make physical this information bcs its doesn’t belong here.

– I have to take something with me, just the most important thing;

– Trust yourself.

– Thats it, as simple as that? we all knew that, it’s in every Disney film.

– I don’t need to understand stuff I need to trust my spirit he knows it all.

This incredible awareness and super understanding of the world around me and my own consciousness was distracted by my fears. I was afraid of my friends in this state entering the water. So I wanted to convince them of coming back to the seashore, but I was so incredible high. Then I started a dialog with myself again:

– All this doesn’t matter Juan, why are you so afraid?

– I want to protect them

– You know this is about you, why did you came here?

– I Want to know.

– Now you know everything, why are you shaking?

– I’m afraid, something is gonna go wrong, it was a mistake, what were we thinking?

– Why are you so afraid?

– Oh no… I’m going to die. I will die here. I made a mistake.

– Maybe this is a vortex, I always can come back here and restart my life from here, I opened this one for me, it makes sense.

– Why are you afraid of dead?

In that moment I came to accept that I will die that day and that gave me so much freedom. I could let go all these fears I was having, my face was full in the sand I couldn’t breathe, who cares I’m dying anyways. Suddenly when I let totally go all my fears, all what we are afraid of and gradually we deal with them every day, I faced them all at once (that was the most painful scary thing that I could ever experience).

I went out of my body and saw everything from above, my life was a little wave of an ocean of scenes, lives, human experiences I (spirit) was going away. In the spirit state. The spirit state wasn’t just for the 10 hours that the trip last in human understanding. It was an eternity, it’s an eternity. I was that spirit experiencing the infinite joy and consciousness forever and ever. So I absolutely forgot once I was that naive guy that died that day at the beach, so many infinite forms, lives, I was experiencing something for the first time in “my consciousness” that I could define as real. I will no try to describe the absolute realm because it’s not possible for me now.

Suddenly I woke up at the beach. I couldn’t understand.

– Wait a minute… what is this? this guy wasn’t dead? I remember I was this guy once… What is that? the ocean, OMG it’s so beautiful. Seeing light again, it’s so beautiful. Wait, I can smell again, wow!! I can smell, it smell so good… the beach…

I spent like one hour just enjoying the recovery of my senses one by one, I was so so so so happy of being a human again. So thankful for being alive again as this guy, what a beautiful life. And I can take it anywhere I want from now on. It took me weeks to stop thinking about it and I had to quit any MJ or Alcohol bcs they took me too high. I like to go back to the experience slowly but surely with meditation, way safer and joyful. But since then I understood the only thing I needed to know: I just have to trust myself.

Thank you for reading

please let me know your thought and your feelings. MUCH LOVE

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