Music and me

These are my own music mixes.

Music makes me so happy, I hope you will enjoy this creations that I make just to enjoy the pleasure of being alive. They have no copy rights so you can download and reuse them however you want.

This is the music I listen to and I recommend

Music is a great passion in my life and I dedicate energy to put songs I like together so I can play them when I drive or feel that need the inspiration, it is a great resource of joy.

Super Dj Future

I was probably fantasizing about being a DJ singer like these ones because their music makes me very inspired. This is one of my favorite playlist that I listen on repeat.

Explosión de Alegría

Explosion of Joy, I just put together those songs that when people are very excited will make everybody go to the next level. Some of them are not that artistically elaborated, but they have the intensity that makes them popular hits.

You can find lots more in my spotify: Qinti Anima


This playlist I made in Perú when I felt very inspired with the south american spirit. In lima there is a lot of street art, music and art that has the Andean cultures heritage.

Pura Vida Lifestyle

Pura vida is an expression used for the people a lot in Costa Rica that means pure life. Over there people really like the rasta vibe and the lifestyle, everywhere I heard some reggae club music that makes the vibe of the place very friendly.

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