1) Oxygen

This is by far the most important aspect, it’s the reconnection with our abundant nature. All the oxygen we breathe comes from the nature of our harmonious planet. Experience the power of replenishing yourself with the oxygen that you deserve.

Ananda Mandala is the most powerful tool I found to restore your exigen levels in the body.

Wim Hof as demonstrated with so much evidence how powerful his hyperventilation techniques are.

2) Water, hydration(1-2 quarts/day)

When you are thirsty is because your body is in a extremely critical dehydration. We are made mostly out of water, we have to eat and drink mostly high water foods and drinks. Alcohol and processed sugary drinks dehydrate the body.

Lemon water every day since lemon has pure activated water and can enrich any other water. I make sure of having always available my bottle with purified water and lemon juice, it’s so tasty. Also when I go to bar I ask for lemonade (no sugar) and actually go back home feeling great.

This for me is vital since the water provided for most of the city public water systems are not that clean. Water filter can be very beneficial in a house and make life so much easier when it is connected to the tap. We can provide our body clean pure water every single day.

Filter water on the cheap

3) Movement, exercise

Get to move baby, our body is here to be used, to get in touch with the divine moving in harmony with nature.

Andrea is so inspiring for me, I really admire him.

This couple are amazing dancers, it’s very inspiring to see the magic of this performers being in their alignment with joy and movement.

Sports are a great gift. No excuses, today is the only day.

This is a classic viral video of the incredible natural ability of kids to get in harmony with their body movement.

4) Stress reduction

Esther Hicks has many guided meditation for different propourses, I really enjoy her guidance and she is a great mentor in my life.

This is one of my favorite tool kits that I use almost everyday. In only seven minutes I can take myself to a better state of being, fell harmonious, improve my musical abilities and improve my breathing.

Joy Dispenza also has many intelligent meditations designed to open up your infinite potential and expand our consciousness.

This was my first meditation I used on repeat for so many times. It was a self re alignment with the ideas that I wanted to believe strongly and become more confident about it.

5) Elimination of toxins

This is the stage I have being the last months I can totally feel a great difference in my body.

6) Lightening of diet (eat organic foods, in it’s state closest to its original form)

I have being eating mostly plants for more than 8 years and my life became absolutely much better. I know that there are many moral arguments about veganism and against carnism but I think that it’s not the point. For the human body diets high in water content has demonstrated with tons of evidence that is better for the body in many ways. But every choice is valid and I believe in the self determination of people and acceptance of diversity. My choice is fruits and veggies and is like choosing tantra over premature ejaculation for me.

She is a lifelong vegan, never ate anything but plants.

This is what I think is the consensus today that we all can agree of how to eat and enjoy a happy life.

A 30 years study with thouthands of people and the comparison between the Chinese and the American diet.

I really like this documentary as clear evidence that plant are enough.

The strongest man on earth eats only plants. Destroying the big myth of protein (carnism).

The fruitarian a ultramarathon runner from new york that only eats raw fruits and vegetables.

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La vida es mejor con biodiversidad. Tener acceso a diversidad de frutas y verduras es para mi una de las mayores riquezas de esta vida. En estos 7 años de comer solo frutas y verduras la gente me pregunta ¿cómo lo haces si es tan difícil comer asi? para mi es como si me preguntaran ¿Como lo haces para tomar agua pura si es tan difícil encontrarla? El agua más pura que podemos encontrar está en las frutas y en las verduras y en realidad están por todos lados, son baratas y la mayoría viene lista para ser comida! Hablando de purificación de agua, leí que el agua que tomamos esta desactivada, carece de energía, por ende agregar un poco de jugo de limón, que es un agua activa llena de energía, hace que el resto del agua también se active. Otra pregunta que la gente me hace a menudo es ¿Como lo haces con las proteínas? proteína significa alimento esencial y el alimento esencial para los humanos son las frutas y las verduras, asi también lo creía Charles Darwin. ¿Cómo lo hace el caballo, el rinoceronte y los gorillas con las proteinas? simplemente comen los alimentos esenciales para su fisiología. Despues de todo, el sentido común dicta que comer más frutas y verduras es siempre más saludable. No conozco a nadie que se haya enfermado por exceso de brocoli o por comer demasiadas frutas y ensaladas. Pero la pregunta que más gente me hace es ¿Cómo es posible que te veas tan joven? tengo 34 años y el promedio de gente cree que tengo máximo 25 y como le dije a un compañero de universidad que me preguntó ¿Cómo es posible que estés más jóven y saludable que cuando estudiamos juntos hace años, retrocediste en el tiempo? Como solo plantas, disfruto de la vida y los viajes, le dije. Espero esta información que comparto sea de utilidad. Beleza. 🙏 🤙@annastephenss

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