Get High On Happiness

Get high on happiness right now without the condition of drugs or alcohol. Breathe!

We create the whole scenario to play the character we want to play.

Only present exist. We don’t need a condition to allow good in our lives. We somehow want to escape our fears, our ego that is focusing too much in the conditions of the past or the future. BUT we intuitively FEEL there must be A WAY OUT, maybe I can forget my past and create a happier reality. So we practice the placebo of getting high with substances. That is the illusion. You can feel high right now just by choosing it, faking it, after a while you will start feeling really high.

We intuitively know that we can experience ecstasy right now, but we are attach to the idea of TIME, so something has to happen so we can allow ourselves to feel happy. We need a condition to enjoy happiness in life.

The condition is alcohol. I enjoy, but then I suffer. I feel like this now because in my past I took this. But the truth is that we feel high because that is what we have chosen in our eternal PRESENT.

So FORGET about the condition and GET HIGH ON FRESH AIR: MEDITATION.


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