Director's Statement

It’s an honor for me to present you this episodic series I have been producing and directing the last 4 years. This is by far the most difficult task I have ever done in my life, I don’t know what I was thinking when I applied for the grant in the first place.

We made a first short pilot and applied for a cultural TV funding mostly because we needed a job and wanted to make films. We got a grant years later and at that point I realize that we didn’t asked for enough money and that it will be almost impossible to make it. We found the way somehow and with a lot of generosity and support of the community of Valparaiso we almost finish a first season of 8 episodes.

“Video Workshop“ is an episodic series with a first season of 8 chapters of 45 min duration. It is about a group of different young people who attend a video workshop dictated by a funny decadent actress. It takes place in the city of Valparaíso, the historic port of Chile. Vicente, a young man, talented in animation, prepares an internship in Japan, but his mother, Claudia, forced by justice must teach a video workshop to which the young misfits of the city arrive with particular visions of the modern video. It is a series that shows different styles and current trends of the new generation, recognizing the value of diversity and the right of young people to experience the positive aspects that the urban culture offered to them.

This project is unique in its kind, it is the first regional TV series filmed entirely in the city of Valparaíso by an independent company and a very young team. We believe that the series is one of the first expressions of a new generation that has the desire to love, respect diversity and live in fraternity. This is for us the heart of what Latin America represents: a vibrant culture full of optimism and joy of life.

I’m the first one of my family that went to university and despite the terror of my mother I had the crazy idea of becoming a filmmaker and here I am, still living the dream. I believe that everybody is an artist. Whatever you do for others, if you do it with love and dedication, for me is a work of art and I will stand by your side to defend your right to do it and to encourage you to believe in yourself.

Much love and respect for all of you.

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